Iran Motorbike Tour & Rental

Route :

1st day : Crossing from Turkey into Iran via Esendere/Sero border, overnight stay in Urmia, distance 55km

2nd day : Urmia to Sanandaj, Visiting Takht-e-Soleyman world heritage site en route, overnight stay in Sanandaj, Distance 468km

3rd day : Sanandaj to Khorramabad, Visiting Bisotun world heritage site in Kermanshah, overnight stay in Khorramabad, Distance 460km

4th day : Khorramabad to Isfahan, overnight stay in Isfahan, Distance 393km

5th day : Visiting Isfahan which is the most beautiful city in Iran where you can see Islamic architect and etc

6th day : Isfahan to Shiraz through a nice mountain road, overnight stay in Shiraz, Distance 465km

7th day : Rest day & visiting Shiraz

8th day : Shiraz to Yazd, Visiting Persepolis & Pasargade world heritage sites en route, overnight stay in Yazd, Distance 441km

9th day : Yazd to Kashan, Visiting Abyaneh village en route, overnight stay in Kashan, Distance 390km

10th day : Kashan to Tehran, overnight stay in Tehran, Distance 244km

11th day : Rest day & visiting Tehran

12th day : Tehran to Rasht, Visiting Caspian sea & riding on one of the most beautiful roads of Iran, overnight stay in Rasht, Distance 398km

13th day : Rasht to Tabriz, Visiting Sheikh Safieddin monastery and it’s shrine ensemble in Ardebil or Masuleh village, overnight stay in Tabriz, Distance 497km

14th day : Tabriz to Urmia, Visiting Tabriz Grand Bazar and Urmia salt lake en route, overnight stay in Urmia, Distance 130km

15th day : Exit from Iran via Esendere/Sero border

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