Turkmenistan Visa service (LOI)

Letter of invitation for Turkmenistan transit visa : As you might know getting letter of invitation for Turkmenistan visa a a hassle and more like a challenge but with pleasure I am ready to offer you this service and I’ve done it successfully so far. I take care of your letter of invitation in a quick, simple and discreet manner. I provide you with an easy and convenient solution to your travel needs.

Please send the following items to start the process :
√ One completed Turkmenistan-Visa-Form (Download the form here)
√ High quality scan of your passport and a 3*4 passport photo (Both must be 500KB maximum), Your entrance point/border into Turkmenistan and SCAN of Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan visa.

Good to know transit visa is for 3-5 days and it takes us 2 weeks to get letter of invitation BUT all the process is depended on Turkmenistan government.

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