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Welcome to Iran visa application page, Use this page to learn about the visa application process, understand current requirements, and get informed on very important details. Please take a minute to review this page and do not hesitate to get back to us at with any question that you might have.

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Who needs a visa?

All foreign nationals entering Iran are required to possess a valid passport with a valid Iran visa obtained from an Iranian embassy or consulate. Iran visa is issued for foreign nationals who are interested in traveling to Iran individually or with a group. Passport-holders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey get a three-month tourist visa on arrival. Everyone else needs to arrange a visa in advance. Contrary to popular misconception, US citizens are welcome, but need to pre-arrange a tour or private guide. Israeli passport holders, and anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport, will not get a visa.

Getting visa

One reason few people visit Iran is that getting a visa can be difficult. But the vast majority of people do get a visa within two or three weeks and if you’re British or American the process will be even slower, once they’ve been to Iran, believe the hassle was worth it. but start the process early…Note that all applications stall over the Noruz holiday period; submit before 8 March to be sure.

Which Iranian visa type do I need?

Iran has all the usual visa types – business, student, journalist, etc – but for travellers there are three:

  • Tourist visa: According to the regulations of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Tourist visa is issued for foreign nationals who are interested to travel to Iran individually or with a group for the purpose of visiting Iran.This visa is issued for a maximum stay of 30 days with option of extensions in Iran. Must be obtained before coming to Iran and valid to enter for 90 days from the issue date. This is the safest option.Visa
  • Tourist visa on arrival (VOA):This visa which is granted in 5 International airports upon arrival may seem like the easiest way to receive Iran visa but for the following reasons I with years of experience strongly unqualified this type of visa. Below are the most important reasons for you not to consider visa on entry for Iran :
    • A 5 % possibility of visa rejection always exists.
    • Your airline may not let you board the plane without a visa.
    • The duration is not as long as the tourist visa, up to 14 days.
    • Most likely you will have to stay long hours in the airport for receiving this Iran visa.
  • Transit visa: issued for five to seven days. You must enter and exit via different countries, and have a visa or a ticket to an onward country. Can be obtained in one or two days and, critically, no authorisation number is required.

We would advise you to apply for a tourist visa. Very briefly said, the tourist Iran visa procedure has 4 steps :

  1. You provide me with your information by filling up the Iran Visa Form
  2. I apply for your visa through Iran ministry of foreign affairs.
  3. About 10 working days I send your visa authorization number.
  4. You will go to embassy/consulate of your choice to collect the visa.

I apply for your Iran tourist visa but the clearance is done through Iran ministry of foreign affairs and I cannot influence or change their decisions.

Getting Authorisation Code

Before applying for your visa, you have to apply for an authorization code. EVERYONE has to have one of these and it will determine if you are granted an application for a visa or not. Getting this authorization is the most important step in visa application. Your visa authorization code is a 6 or 7 digit number that refers to your specific visa application case. When applying for the authorization code, you will need to specify which embassy you will be processing your visa at – a pain for those travel around with no solid plans. Once the code is granted you cannot change the embassy choice. Iranian embassies or consulate around the world would be able to verify this code with their records and the issue your visa.

Picking Up Your Iran Visa

I will send your Visa authorization number after it is issued in Iran foreign ministry. This code is valid for 30 days in the Iran embassy or consulate that you have chosen to pick up your visa at. You can also post your passport. Please choose your pick up location accurately since change in location in usually not possible. Pick up policy, waiting time, and many other factors vary in different embassies and consulate.  Some embassies do not oblige applicant to pick up in person other do.  Be sure to contact the embassies and consulate beforehand. The visa fee which is apart from our service fee varies based on nationality. Some embassies may issue the visa within 1-2 hours but others may keep your passport for up to a week. Depending on your nationality and pick up choices the regulations are different so it is very important for you to be correctly informed. The procedures can be handled hassle free if you are provided with the correct information and have scheduled for the steps.

Extension of visa

There is usually little difficulty in extending a 30-day tourist visa to 60 days. it’s possible,  but harder, to extend again, up to a maximum of 90 days.Iran visa extension is made by Foreign Affairs Bureau of Iran Law Enforcement Forces Departments around the Iran on the basis of plausible reasons and upon the approval. In theory, you can only apply for an extension two or three days before your existing visa is due to expire, and your extension starts on the day it’s issued,not the end of your original visa, you will be asked of your reasons for extension request, you also would need a couple of pictures and paying the related costs. Remember if you do overstay without extending visa, even by a few hours ,expect to be detained.

Nationality Restrictions

Because of long standing history of coups, espionage, nuclear sanctions and everything else in between that is outside of the average American citizen unconnected to the historical actions of their government, all US passport holders are only allowed into Iran if part of a tour group (or with a guide). It apparently still stands that Americans must also be escorted from the airport to the hotel, and cannot make their own arrangements (it all has to be pre-organised – a simple addition via a tour company). According to recent regulation on Nationality restrictions British and Canadians became subjected to the same ‘tour only’ (group or private guide) sanctions, which means your visa is usually only granted for the exact number of days of your tour. Everyone else you are fine (although keep an eye on any changes). Israeli citizens cannot enter Iran at all.

Iran Visa Fee

For receiving your Iran visa you will have to pay the embassy fee and my service fee.
The embassy fee is based on your nationality also on the embassy you will receive your visa from. There for the best way of being informed of the exact embassy visa fee is contacting the embassy close to when you need it.

My visa service fees per passport is 50 Euros, this is apart from the visa fee which will be collected when your visa is stamped in your passport. We will arrange the method of payment with you after you have applied.