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IMG_4491I’m very pleased to welcome you in Urmia city and offer you to stay in Urmia where there is everything you need for a comfortable stay and of course there you will find friendly atmosphere and enjoyment. I care of not only for your pleasant staying, but also for your interesting, incredible day and night time. Hossein is your ASSISTANT in Iran as I try to solve all your needs.


It is located in North West of Iran in Urmia city (One of the metropolises in Iran) not far from Turkish border.

As you see, here is a place to stay so…feel yourself here as your home and I’m confident that you will leave Urmia with lots of unforgettable memories.

About Urmia

Urmia is a city in and capital of West Azerbaijan Province,Iran. Urmia is located on a vast and verdurous plain, which is 70 km long and 30 km wide, and it’s surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards and farmlands. Urmia is also situated at an altitude of 1,330 m above sea level. The Lake Urmia is located on the east of it and bordering mountain range, which is of the most beautiful and pristine ranges of Iran is on its west. Lake Urmia is one of the most beautiful salty lakes in the world. Due to its mild climate and beautiful landscapes, Urmia is considered as major tourist cities of Iran. At the 2012 census, its population was 1,265,721. Urmia is one of the 10th most populated city in Iran. The population of Urmia is mainly Azerbaijani people who speak the Azeri language but 73311_572446086102323_1547763347_nmajority of the population also speak can Persian the official language of Iran, in addition to their own native tongue. Urmia is situated on western side of Lake Urmia,eastern side of Turkish border. Urmia is an Assyrian word which means Town of Water or Cradle of Water.The most popular sport in Urmia is volleyball as its Iran’s volleyball capital and world’s volleyball lovers. The most famous promenades of the city are Band village, Ghasemlou valley, Marmisho Lake.The souvenirs of Urmia are sugarcoated nuts (Noghl),  dried fruits and walnut sweet paste.

The province’s transportation lines

  • West Azarbaijan province has main roads to the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Kordestan.
  • Iran’s transportation to Turkey occurs through five main lines; Four of them are road route and one of them is rail road, which is connected to Turkey through Tabriz and north of Salmas. Among these, Urmia-Bazargan line, Urmia-Sero line and the rail track are among the most important trading routes, especially Bazargan route, which has always played the role of a vital artery.
  • One of Iran’s transportation lines to Azerbaijan Republic is Poldasht line ( Urmia, Salmas, Khoy, Poldasht).
  • One of Iran’s transportation lines to Iraq is Piranshahr line (Urmia, Naghadeh, Piransahr).
  • The Distance between Urmia and Tehran, crossing Shahid Kalantari bridge ( lake causeway bridge) is 780 km long and the distance between Urmia and Tabriz is 135 km long.
  • Urmia city has an active international airport and international flights to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Dubai are operating.

Urmia’s Sample Tourism places

Historical Attractions 

  • Sardar Historical Mosque : Built in the Qajar dynasty by Abd-o-Samad Khan, father of Agha Khan and great grandfather of Azim-o-Saltaneh Sardar. In 1951, the latter installed a big clock on top of the entrance door. It has interesting architectural design which was constructed of brick during the Qajar period.
  • Jame (Grand) Mosque : Urmia’s Friday Mosque is located in the middle of Urmia Bazaar. It has a vast courtyard and a large brick Shabestan (covered area), roofed in the middle part with a high dome. This historical mosque has been repaired from time to time, The ancient dome of this mosque has been related to the period of the Saljuqians and its altar to the Eilkhanian era 676 AH. Evidence of broken articles found in excavations from the base of the 40 pillars in the domed nocturnal area, have further fortified this theory. These pillars have been repaired for several times. There are old arcades around the courtyard of the mosque which belong to early Zandiyeh period. Its engraving also indicates the date of construction, i.e., 1184 AH. Kufic inscriptions around the dome, and plaster molding of the altar can be accounted as special adornments of this mosque.The new parts have been constructed in recent decades.
  • Three Domes Tower : Brick cylindrical tomb or tower of Se Gonbad belongs to 12th century A.D. three stony inscription , in Kufic script, have been remained in the entrance of the monument, which show the date of Moharram, 580 A.H.
  • Marserkis Church : This church is on the slopes of the mountains, 12 km. west of Urmia. This church was built under the orders of Shirin (the wife of the Sassanian ruler Khosrow Parviz), who was a Christian follower. The Marserkis Church is one of the stone structures of the province. The roof and all walls are skillfully and solidly built with stones of irregular shapes.
  • Church of Naneh Maryam (Mother Mary) : The first church in the East built by the magi who made the journey to Jerusalem to see Jesus Christ. The construction of which dates back to the 7th century AD. and the end of the Sassanian Dynasty.
  • Ancient Bazaar : The major construction is of brick work. Inspite of diversity of architecture of domes, ceilings and springs which was due to construction of any part in different periods of time, the whole layout is simple. Remnants of this bazaar is from the Safavid era. Its public baths belongs to the Zandiyeh and Qajar periods.

Touristic Costal Villages 

  • Bari Integrated Resort to Kazemdashi
  • Band Promenade
  • Khoshakoh Ski Slope
  • Chichest
  • Sir Mount

Landscape Attractions 

  • Ghasemlou Valley
  • Kazem Dashi Islet in Lake Urmia
  • Kashtiban Village
  • Imamzadeh Village
  • Silvana Region
  • Rashakan to Dash Aghol
  • Nazlou
  • Dalamper
  • Lake Urmia’s Islands
  • Shaharchayi Dam
  • Lake Urmia’s Causeway road

In addition to the above mentioned facilities and services, if you can think of anything that would make your stay more pleasant, please do not hesitate to contact.