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Discover Iran and I want you to love Iran as much as I do!

My name is Hossein Sheykhlou,  I have been helping overland travelers since 2010 in my home town of Urmia (One of the Iran’s metropolises located near Turkey border on North West of Iran). Because of my personal experiences I’m the travel expert for expeditions, adventures and tours through Iran and now together with our team offering wide range of support for travelers who wish to visit Iran. I’m a motorcycle traveler myself and as a official member of Motorcycle & Automobile Federation of I.R.Iran have ridden all around Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, India and Russia, therefore, I have so many experiences which helps me to understand overland travelers and help them with their needs.
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I have updated and detailed knowledge about Iranian customs procedures and immigration requirements for travelers visiting Iran overland. Over the years I have helped out hundreds of overland travelers that’s why my reputation has grown.

Now I together with our team can offer all of travel services including temporary CDP service for those who don’t have “Carnet De Passage” and are obliged to obtain it by using temporary Carnet service at the Iranian border

Below is a list of the subjects that I can assist overland travelers and don’t worry – if you need something that is not on the list, just contact me and no doubt I will try to do my best to help you out.

  • Car & Motorcycle local insurance for Iran and Turkey
  • Specific Iran sticker
  • Short and long term storage of cars and motorcycles at safe and secure parking in Urmia
  • Booking hotels all around Iran
  • Recommendations for biker/over-lander friendly guest-houses and hotels throughout Iran
  • Secure storage in Urmia city, Iran-You can send all the needed stuff directly to my address by mail or DHL for example if you don’t like to carry tyres on your motorcycle all the way from your home country to Iran then you could send them to my place and I will store them until you get here.
  • Local simcard with data package
  • Cozy accommodation in Urmia city
  • Translation services
    Including all the tricky technical vocabulary required to talk with mechanic.
  • Route planning in Iran and neighboring countries
  • Temporary Carnet de Passage service at the Iran border
  • Assistance at Bandar-e-Abbas port. With pleasure I’m ready to offer my assistance at the Badar-e-Abbas port, of course if you want to have a hassle free entrance/exit from Iran otherwise doing that by yourself it might take you long time in the humid/hot weather and you must be prepared to go through the bureaucratic process.
  • Assistance at Esendere/Sero, Dogubayazit/Bazargan and Agarak/Norduz borders
    I can assist you at the above-mentioned borders even can help you in Turkish customs since I speaks Turkish as well however just give me a call or send me an email a few days before you plan to arrive -If do not want spend hours there I can meet you at the border to do your border crossing/customs formalities in shortest possible time and make sure that your Carnet de Passage is stamped/signed correctly and all the necessary paperwork completed to prevent future problems.
  • Iran visa service and helpful advices how to extend in Iran

Contact me when you have questions about traveling to Iran